Three Solutions for Your Business on the Ignis Blockchain of Ardor Platform

Set up a Custom Bundler for your business. Customize end user fees for users of your dApps so that they can be as low as 0. Learn how to hedge to provide predictable day-to-day business transaction expenses on the blockchain.

Index of Topics and Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:41 Why Bundling Matters and Who Should Care
  • 1:37 What is Bundling and How Does it Work?
  • 2:45 Types of Bundlers
  • 3:23 Demo of How to Set Up a Basic Ignis Bundler
  • 5:57 How to Stop Your Bundler
  • 6:08 Business Implications of the Bundler System
  • 6:54 Customizing Bundlers for Your Business
  • 7:10 Zero Fee Bundlers
  • 7:47 Demo of the Account Property Bundler & Whitelisting Addresses
  • 9:00 Important Note Regarding Custom Bundlers
  • 9:31 Conclusion