Launch Successful a Blockchain Application

Ardor tools to build blockchain applications

Launch a Successful Blockchain Application

 A Successful Blockchain Project Depends on the Right Tools and the Best Support

Ardor Platform and the public blockchain Ignis offer proven tools to build successful blockchain applications right out of the box.

Take your blockchain project from an idea to a fully working dApp

Ardor Blockchain Technology

You have a problem to solve, a pain point to reduce or an idea that will change the world.

Your solution will depend on blockchain technology. you are looking for a solid platform that is easy to use, scalable for the future and full of innovative features that you can start using today.

Continue to explore this site to learn how Ardor Blockchain Platform with the public blockchain Ignis provides the answers.


You have  done your research and discovered the advantages of the Ardor Blockchain Platform. You have explored the things you can do on the Ignis public blockchain right out of the box and are excited to get started.

At this point, many developers choose to experiment on the Ardor Testnet - a sandbox with all the tools and full features to test your approaches without needing to pay real transaction fees in ARDR and IGNIS.

Whether you are on the testnet or on the mainnet, you can using transactions with many customizable options as soon as you open the wallet. You can start developing your project today using the innovative Lightweight Smart Contracts. You can start building a front facing interface for your project right now using the more than 250 API calls. The helpful documentation at Ardor Learning Hub will guide you every step of the way.



You are ready to go. You can choose to launch as a new child chain on the Ardor Blockchain Platform or as a decentralized application ( dApp ) on the public blockchain, IGNIS.

Ardor will secure the network. Whether you choose to deploy as a child chain or as a dApp on Ignis or another child chain on the platform you will not need to set up or maintain a network of nodes. And the unique child chain architecture means that precious blockchain resources are allocated between the child chains and not shared with the entire blockchain ecosystem. This is one part of the blockchain scalability problem that Ardor has solved.


Your dApp is developed and deployed on the Ardor Blockchain Platform with relative ease and sooner than expected. You did not waste time and money learning new programming languages or waiting years for promised scalability solutions.

Now you can focus on fully engaging with your users and serve them with an outstanding blockchain solution.

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