To start using Ardor, Ignis and the child chains on the platform you must download the Ardor digital wallet. Ardor is a secure wallet for the ARDR cryptocurrency, child chain tokens and assets on the blockchain.

Download Ardor Wallet Fund Wallet Instantly

Use the Currency Exchange to send and receive ARDR and make transactions within the platform between the child chains. And the Decentralized Asset Exchange is the trading place for all assets on the platform.

Use the Ardor Wallet to interact with the blockchain with built in smart transactions and features like, post items for sale on the Marketplace, send Encrypted Messages, store information on the Data Cloud, issue assets on the Asset Exchange, create your own currency on the Monetary System, publish your own polls with the Voting feature.

You can also buy an Alias for your account, a url, etc. You can Shuffle Coins and create Phased Transactions. The list of ready to use features is something you will want to explore for yourself. Just download the wallet to get started. It's free to explore.

Download Ardor Wallet Fund Wallet Instantly

When you are ready to use the platform and make transactions on the blockchain, you will need to fund your account. You can get ARDR instantly [ here ] or by visiting the exchanges listed below:

Ardor trades with the ticker symbol ARDR and is available on these exchanges:

Trade ARDR on these Exchanges