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Build Your Blockchain Applications

Smart Contracts

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All the Tools to Build Your Blockchain Application

Ask Yourself

Would a common coding language, an improved approach to Smart Contracts, more than 25 Smart Transaction types built-in as blockchain features, and more than 250 APIs included to interact with the blockchain be enough for you to get started building your project on the Ardor Blockchain Platform?

The biggest decision you must make is whether you will build on the public blockchain Ignis or contact the Ardor Team to create your own blockchain on the Ardor Platform.

Unpack These Blockchain Features

Customize your blockchain project with these popular Features — Ready to Use

Are you wondering where to start your blockchain application? Are you worried that you don't have the skills to get started?

Ardor Blockchain Technology was designed to help you build your dApp with relative ease. These features and more are built into the public blockchain Ignis for everyone to use.

So, bring your ideas, download the Ardor Wallet with the full blockchain and start exploring the possibilities. Your ideas will expand as you discover how much you can do right now.

Account Control

Ardor accounts can be augmented with properties and approval modals that make setting up a Multi-Sig wallet simple and very quick. These properties can represent account specific characteristics that dApps use to ensure that only accounts with some property can access their services.

Assets & Tokens

Decentralized Assets and Tokens available with simple clicks, can be fungible or non-fungible, they can exchangeable or not, their supply can be adjusted or not, and more features. A Decentralized Exchange is also supported and can allow automatic trading for the created assets/tokens.


Users are able to register combinations of letters and/or numbers, such as names and phone numbers, that are set to point to their Ardor account, so that other users can send to an alias instead of a long account number, a URL, or any piece of arbitrary data.

Decentralized Market Place

A Decentralized Market Place allows users to list items and purchase them. Auctions are natively supported, and users can post bids for an item.

Decentralized Messaging

Decentralized Messaging provides message capability between Ardor accounts. Arbitrary messages can be sent between accounts on their own or as part of a transaction. Messages can be encrypted and unlocked with the private key of either accounts as well as by any 3rd party with the shared key.

Decentralized Data cloud

Decentralized Cloud storage allows users to upload small files, such as small images and plain text files, into the blockchain itself. They can be accessed by anyone else. For private data, it is recommended to encrypt the file before uploading it.

Decentralized Monetary System

Through the Monetary System, users can create cryptocurrencies with special attributes normally associated with coins intended to be used for monetary purposes, such as requiring mining using SHA256, Scrypt, or multiple other mining algorithms, or making them controllable.

Decentralized Voting

Decentralized Voting allows polls to be created with up to 100 options for voters to choose from and the ability to require more than one option be chosen. Votes can be weighted or restricted according to  the amount of their balances. Alternative Voting systems are also possible where users can rank preferences with options provided.

Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency


Ardor uses the first and the most secure PoS algorithm. It was first implemented in NXT and updated over time to become the only pure PoS in the blockchain space.



A Parent-Child Chain architecture where dApps can have a unique child chain inside a global blockchain ecosystem secured by the parent chain, Ardor.

Java Smart Contracts

Java Smart Contracts

Ardor has redefined the concept of Smart Contracts by introducing LightWeight Contracts – stateless, secure and extremely flexible smart contracts written in Java.



The previous features and others in development like Data Pruning, Subnet Networks and Zero-Knowledge Proofs all contribute to Ardor Blockchain Scalability.