While our team is busy working on our primary roadmap deliverables, namely pruning and child chain control, I gave myself the freedom to work on some small usability improvements and annoying bug fixes.

Let me share some updates:

Remember the wallet refresh bug that shows duplicate transactions or causes transactions to disappear from the wallet — just to come back on the next refresh? I did some major refactoring to the wallet dashboard to squash this bug. Hopefully, it will be gone when we release Ardor v2.2.3

Secret sharing server side is now implemented. Valerii is currently reviewing my code. Once it’s merged you’ll be able to start forging, bundling, shuffling, and account monitoring without sending your full secret phrase to your node. Just a piece of it will do. You can also use it when submitting transactions. If someone intercepts your communication or installs a key logger, they will be really disappointed.

Remember transaction vouchers? You will soon be able to load a voucher, then add an encrypted message addressed to yourself for book keeping before submitting it. You’ll also be able to recalculate the transaction fee. And when you submit the voucher, the unconfirmed transaction will immediately show up in the wallet like money in the bank.

Open JDK 11 + JavaFX 11 will become the default versions in one of our next releases. I’m already playing with a working installation on Windows. A Mac one will follow.

I had an Alias log-in brain storming session with Tomi about this. We had an “a-ha!” moment. We figured there is really no reason to have an account specific alias. All we need from the user is to type a name of an existing alias and voila! We use the alias owner account to login to the wallet or identify a transaction recipient. This function is coming your way soon.

And remember the ForgingReward contract that sends bounties to forgers but unfortunately just makes some whales richer? It is about to become opt-in using an account property instead of opt-out, stay tuned for updates.