Ardor Wallet Update

Get new Ardor Version 2.2.2 [ here ].


Change log:

This is a bug fix and usability enhancements release.

Users still using version 2.2.0e or earlier must upgrade immediately as they are
already on a fork, and their nodes are blacklisted by this release.

Anyone who did not upgrade to 2.2.1 prior to block 543000 must manually delete
and re-download the blockchain from scratch, after upgrading.

Users using version 2.2.1 are not required to upgrade.


Added an includeContract parameter to the getContractReferences API to return
metadata about the actual contract being referenced.

The contract runner now removes the last block when started to make sure 
trigger transactions in the last block are processed in case processing stopped 
before processing the contracts for this block.

Contract unit tests now use simpler methods for verifying transactions submitted 
by a contract.

The contract manager now waits until the transactions it submitted are included
in a new block before exiting.

Contracts with an inner interface and an inner class implementing it are now

The contract processRequest callback now supports initializing a randomness 
source and accessing the last block.

Fail gracefully when a contract submits the messageToEncrypt parameter without a
passphrase. Contract devs should encrypt the message first then submit the
encrypted data.

UI Enhancements:

Contract selection widget and contract parameter specification template were 
added to dialogs which specify a recipient field. This enhancement simplifies 
the task of configuring a contract trigger transaction.

The Contracts page now provides simple runtime statistics about contract 
execution when clicking on any of the invocation types in the Invocation column.

Each chain now has a chain description displayed in the wallet and when 
switching between chains.

Login by account using an Ignis alias is now supported by deleting the ARDOR 
prefix then typing '@' in front of an existing alias name which is mapped to an
account id.

"Fat Finger" warning for amount and fee is now defined and enforced per chain.
Reasonable default values were defined.
Use the account settings page to adjust these values for the current chain.

Dialogs now support more than one warning per form submit. 
For example in case both the amount and the fee are too high, both warnings are 
displayed one after the other.

The wallet no longer warns about assets and currencies with more than 6 

The Changelly menu items was moved from a top level menu to the settings menu to
provide more screen real estate for the mobile app.

Increase and delete shares links are displayed in the "My Assets" page only when
these actions are allowed.

Vouchers with unicode parenthesis are now parsed correctly.

The desktop wallet now displays a file chooser dialog before downloading a cloud 
data item or message attachment to the local workstation.

The transaction and block info dialogs now display the raw transaction and block
json in a separate tab.

Coin exchange layout improvements.


Fixed an initialization issue that could cause some custom add-ons to deadlock
on start. 

Fixed false positive unsigned bytes verification error when cancelling
ARDR buy order.

The getPeers and dumpPeers APIs now also allow filtering by version, optionally
including newer versions.

Added a checkpoint at block 545555.

Updated Jetty to version 9.4.14.