The Ardor Lite Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you interact and make transactions with the Ardor blockchain, Ignis and other child chains from your mobile device. Interaction is simple, fast and secure. All transactions are signed locally, so your passphrase is never sent to a remote node and the user is not required to download the blockchains.

Ardor Lite Wallet
Ardor Lite Wallet

Here are some unique functions of the Ardor Lite Wallet for Mobile Devices:

  • Local signing
  • Balance converted to fiat currencies, BTC, or ETH
  • Contact saving and naming on device
  • View recent transactions and balance on any chain
  • Broadcast offline transactions
  • Connect to a custom node
  • Lease Forging Power
  • Coin Exchange (Android Only)
  • Barcode generating and scanning
  • Ability to save passphrase on device protected by your fingerprint and save accounts for quick access
  • New account generation
  • Ability to login or send to aliases
  • Multi Language: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • Supports all child chains including: IGNIS, BITSWIFT, AEUR, and MPG.
Ardor Lite Wallet on Apple