Ardor Child Chains

Ardor Child Chains

Child Chains on the Ardor Platform are individual blockchains dedicated to specific businesses or purposes. The transactional functions of the blockchain are performed on the child chains while Ardor takes care of the processing and securing the network.

Ardor — Blockchain-as-a-Service

The pieces are already in place for a business to easily acquire a blockchain with all of the available features of the Ardor Platform. Building a child chain on Ardor has been compared to assembling modules in a WordPress site or Lego blocks in an Adventure set.

Child chains on the Ardor Platform will be customized to the specific needs of a business or project from the fully functioning and time tested features found on the first public child chain —IGNIS.

Ignis Public Blockchain on Ardor Platform

Ignis is a public blockchain on the Ardor Platform. Ignis operates the entire feature list of the Ardor Platform and demonstrates how a child chain can be used for multiple use cases for enterprise and small businesses.

Current Child Chains

These blockchains on are separate child chains on the Ardor platform and are real use cases of scalable, secure and efficient blockchain technology in action.


AEUR Blockchain on Ardor Platform

Bitswift (BITS)

Bitswift Blockchain on Ardor Platform

Max Property Group (MPG)

MPG Blockchain on Ardor Platform