Use the Decentralized Marketplace for Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The Marketplace is a decentralized store created for buying and selling digital goods on Ignis Blockchain on the Ardor Platform.

Bob has learned a lot about blockchain technology at Bob's Blockchain Business. In fact, he is an expert. Now he wants to share his hard-learned knowledge with you and me.

Bob created a Webinar that he will host in about two weeks. The online space is limited and the tickets are coveted. You can buy one on the IGNIS Marketplace inside the Ardor Wallet.

Bob plans to write an e-book and offer it for sale as a PDF download on the Marketplace a few months after the online seminar. Which way will you chose to take advantage of Bob's knowledge of the blockchain?

How will you use the Decentralized Marketplace?

  • Sell your self-published e-book?
  • Offer an online course or webinar?
  • Sell tickets to your next event?
The Decentralized Marketplace was developed by Jelurida on the NXT blockchain on August 1, 2014 and included in the Ardor Platform at its genesis.
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