Use Data Cloud to Securely Store Information

All forms of data can be uploaded to the Ardor Platform on Ignis Blockchain. Decentralized cloud storage on the blockchain provides a secure (and, if desired, permanent) method of storing, retrieving and publishing information.

When Fred the CCC (Chief Cryptocurrency Coder) at Bob's Blockchain Business isn't busy building Lightweight Smart Contracts he occupies his time composing operas. He is as concerned about protecting his music as he is his code, so he uploads each finished piece to the Data Cloud on the Ignis Blockchain. The files are immutably time stamped and cannot be altered. Fred created assets for each composition that can be used as licenses each time one of his arias is performed.

Alice paints masterpieces when she isn't working at Bob's Blockchain Business. She uses the Data Cloud to store timestamped copyright and asset information about each original piece of art. The recorded asset number is connected to a Singleton Asset and is listed for sale on the Asset Exchange.

How will you use the Data Cloud?

  • Time Stamping
  • Copyright Support
  • Proof of Concept
  • Contract Storage
  • Property Titles
Data Cloud on Ignis Blockchain of Ardor Platform
The Data Cloud was developed by Jelurida on the NXT blockchain on November 29, 2015 and included in the Ardor Platform at its genesis.
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