Use Messaging on Ignis Blockchain to Send Sensitive Information

Send a message on the blockchain from one Ignis account to another. Use your Ardor Wallet view your messages on the child chains. You may encrypt your messages so only you and the receiver will bye able to read them. If you send a message without encryption, it can be read by anyone because e the blockchain is a public record of every transaction.

Alice needed to send Fred some important login credentials to the super secret servers of Bob's Blockchain Business. She didn't trust her email and didn't want it to get lost on a scrap of paper. So she sent Fred an encrypted message on the Ignis Blockchain.

Fred got a notification in his Ardor Wallet and was able to open the message intended for him. The contents of the message are permanently and secretly stored on the blockchain for future retrieval.

How will you use Blockchain Messaging?

  • Will you send sensitive information?
Messaging was developed by Jelurida on the NXT blockchain on January 11, 2014 and included in the Ardor Platform at its genesis.
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