Use An Alias to Conceal Your Blockchain Data

An Alias is a word (string of characters) that represents another piece of information. On the Ignis Blockchain on the Ardor Platform, an alias can represent an account, a URL or data.

Alice bought advertising space for her blockchain business on a popular cryptocurrency media outlet. Blockchain Ad Agency was happy to receive her payment in IGNIS or ARDR and provided Alice with their account alias: blockchainads.

Alice used her Ardor Wallet to send the funds from her IGNIS account which she had named alicesassets. The funds appeared in the wallet of the ad agency in about 50 seconds.

Alice was pleased with the results of her ad buy and that the agency accepted IGNIS. She bookmarked blockchainadagency to use in her blockchain browser extension so she could quickly revisit their website.

How will you use the Alias feature?

  • To rename your account?
  • To substitute for a domain address / URL?
  • To point to stored data?
The Alias System was developed by Jelurida on the NXT blockchain on December 1, 2013 and included in the Ardor Platform at its genesis.
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