Set Conditions for Blockchain Transactions With Account Control

Control the transactions on your account with the Account Control feature. Set specific conditions that must be matched before a transaction is completed. You don't need a smart contract to do this — just use the wallet interface.

Everybody at Bob's Blockchain Business loved the CCC (Chief Crypto Coder) Fred. The board members wanted to give Fred a Big Bonus of IGNIS to keep him happy and to keep him coding for their big blockchain projects.

Bob initiated the Big Bonus payment from the company account with the set condition that the transaction must be approved by all account holders with a minimum of 10000 BigBonus assets. (BigBonus assets are awarded to High Performers at Bob's Blockchain Business—but that is another story.)

After a couple of hours, all Big Bonus asset holders with a minimum balance of 10,000 had approved the transaction from within their Ardor wallet. Bob sighed with relief because he had been concerned that Alice wouldn't approve Fred's Big Bonus because she disagreed with him about design concepts. But Alice showed her appreciation of Fred's hard work and within seconds of the final approval he found the BigBonus of IGNIS in his account.

Fred was excited to keep coding for Bob's Blockchain Business but he made a note to ask Bob if he could get some of those BigBonus assets too. (But that is part of the other story).

How will you use the Account Control?

  • Send bonuses to your employees?
  • Unlock funds when KPIs are Met?
  • Guarantee funds are sent to proper account?
Account Control was developed by Jelurida on the NXT blockchain on November 29, 2015 and included in the Ardor Platform at its genesis.
More information about Account Control on the Ardor Learning Hub
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