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Jelurida Announces Winning Ignis Lightweight Contracts from the 2018 Ardor Online Hackathon

Identity Verification
  1. Atzen
  2. Aajaji
  3. Nikolai
Cloud Storage
  1. Not Awarded
  2. Vlad
  3. Maxim
BTC Exchange
  1. Not Awarded
  2. Maxim
  3. Vlad

From October 22, 2018 through January 10, 2019, developers were invited to compete in an Online Hackathon and create lightweight smart contracts in Java to address three different real world challenges on the Ignis blockchain of the Ardor platform. Prizes were awarded in three categories, 1. BTC-Ignis Currency Exchanges, 2. Identity Verification, and 3. Cloud Storage. During the competition, Jelurida supported participants with the release of new learning resources like the Ardor Learning Huband by holding a live AMA session featuring the core developers.

The first place prizes were not awarded for the Cloud Storage and BTC Exchange contests as Jelurida determined the submissions did not meet qualifications for a first prize. The funds will be applied to future opportunities.

Online Hackathon Winners Announced