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MPG Blockchain is Live on Ardor


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Here is some information taken from the Max Property Group Newsletter:

Once blockchain height 543,000 is reached, the MPG child chain will actually go live, which is expected to be around 20:00 CET on the 9th of January 2018. Tomorrow (09/01/2018) around 04:00 CET we will put our website in the maintenance mode to upload the below updates. This is expected to take several hours:
•    Activate our platform on Mainnet.
•    For all accounts that have passed KYC:
       o    All transactions will be published that happened after the initial MPG balance was provided to Jelurida.
        (Once completed the blockchain will reflect the latest platform status)
       o    Download wallet information option is enabled from the user's Dashboard.

Max Property Group will cover all the applicable transaction fees for this update. Please note that the transactions that resulted in the initial balance at go-live will not get published on the blockchain. These transactions can only be viewed in the "My Account" section of our platform.

Any Ardor wallet that was previously generated or added, is still shown in the "My Account" section. However, this wallet is no longer associated with your account. You may either keep or delete this. We have issued a new Ardor wallet to each account that has passed KYC. The wallet information is hidden and safely stored in a separate, encrypted database that is not accessible from the public internet. When required this information is used to sign blockchain transactions server-side. Benefits of this approach:
•    Secret passphrase is never exposed to or shared across the Internet
•    No need to remember nor enter your secret passphrase when submitting a transaction
•    Never worry about losing access to your account
•    We do advise to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your account

You only need your wallet information for use outside our platform, i.e. when you wish to trade MPG against other cryptocurrencies using the Ardor client.

In case you’re not tech savvy, we will offer access to the Ardor exchange from our platform to trade MPG in the near future. If you wish to start trading MPG immediately, download your wallet information and download the Ardor client for your device from here: If you have the Ardor wallet already installed, be sure you are updated to the latest stable version 2.2.1 which includes support for MPG.

In case you haven’t passed KYC yet: Your Ardor wallet has been generated and 25 MPG welcome tokens will be transferred once you pass KYC. Also, the option to download your wallet information will become available once you have passed KYC.

In order to have your balance of earned Airdrop tokens transferred to your wallet, a standard fee of 0.01 MPG is applicable.