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Businesses and blockchain developers need a platform that provides  quick, easy, cost-effective, and scalable ways to use blockchain.

Ardor Platform and the public blockchain Ignis offer proven tools to build successful blockchain applications right out of the box.

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Ardor Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Ardor Solves Blockchain Problems

Everyone should be able to successfully build a blockchain project.

The Problem

The problem is building on blockchain can be expensive and complicated. Building blockchain applications is slowed by complex coding languages, expensive fees, and unfulfilled promises of scalability.  Waiting on empty promises for scalability is costing you time and money —  making you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to give up.

The Solution

Since 2013, the Ardor Team has developed and delivered proof of stake blockchain technology that uses java coding language, an inexpensive fee structure, unique multi-chain architecture, and improved smart contracts for businesses and entrepreneurs. The goal has been to deliver an easy to use and scalable blockchain solution for developers and businesses like you.

Take a look inside and discover why developers aren't waiting any longer and are migrating to Ardor blockchain technology.

Here's how you can experience Ardor blockchain technology today:

Download and Explore Ardor

Download the full Ardor blockchain to explore all the features in the desktop version of the wallet.

Use Ardor Learning Hub

Refer to the helpful documentation at The Ardor Learning Hub as a guide to the blockchain.

Build Your Application

Lightweight Smart Contracts and 250+ APIs included in the Ardor Platform to build your app.

Launch Successfully

Introduce your application to your users quickly and with assurance of advanced blockchain technology.